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Wildcraft Organic brings you the healthy way of replacing your Table Salt with our premium handcrafted Fine Grind Himalayan Salt shakers, infused with Organic herbs & spices that are sure to delight your tastebuds. 


~ Special 3 shaker mixed gift pack - for larger shakers please visit our full  store page ~


- Everyday Moose
A rich mix of green herbs for a great herbal flavour! Good with anything but superb as a finishing salt for vegetables, soups and salads. Try it on your eggs any style and delightful on Popcorn. 


- Call of the Loon 
For the fresh, lemony taste! Really great with chicken, fish, salad dressings and baking and delightful on Popcorn. 


- Hornets Nest 
Infused with flavourful organic herbs and peppers. 
For that spicy touch! Just the right heat to spice up stews, meats and hearty vegetable dishes! Excellent Caesar Rimmer and delightful on Popcorn. 


All salts are between 15-20% Herbs to 80 -85% Himalayan Salt - Naturally Fine. 
Each adjustable shaker weights 30g - Packaging made in Germany 


No MSG, additives, preservatives, gluten or lactose. 


Facts about Himalayan Salt
- Full of minerals and trace elements
- Cleanses the body
- Helps with Skin problems
- Helps Digestive System
- Could help Bone Density
- Prevents Muscle Cramps
- Improves Energy Levels

Gift Pack Sampler Mix | 3 Flavours

SKU: Salt_Gift_Pack_165g
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