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This Exclusive Wooden Box Mustard Gift Set is sure to delight on any occasion. It includes a hand-crafted wooden box with a customizable chalkboard for names or short messages, and you can pick any 6 mustards of your choice for the perfect combination. Comes with complimentary ribbons and decorations.

Great as a unique yummy gift for all the foodies out there, birthday surprises, tasty Christmas surprises or if you're looking for the perfect wedding favours! Contact us for custom & and wholesale orders on all gift packs.

Each gift box can fit 6 X 240ml mustards of your choice from the following list. 

Salmon Run - Delicious with Fish & More 240ml
Delicious with Fish & Veggies - Made with dill and honey, perfect for all fish, in fish sauces, salads, with vegetables, in dips, makes a yummy dip mixed with mayo.

Rattlesnake Bite - A Spicy Hot Mustard 240ml
Spicy Hot - With a crunchy bite from whole mustard seeds and just the right amount of kick from cayenne, ginger and garlic, for all your spicy dishes, stews, with sausage, hot dogs, hamburgers or sandwiches.

Caribou Wildfire - Fiery and Smoky 240ml
Fiery Hot - Smokey chipotle with a little Canadian sweetness from pure maple syrup. For all meats & marinades, makes nice dips mixed with mayo, or for spicy dishes like Mexican.

Grizzly Good - Honey & Garlic 240ml
Honey Garlic - Sweet and packed with delicious flavour. For all meats & hamburgers, bratwurst, ham, cheese, sauces, potato and pasta salads, dips and marinades.

Red Fox - A Sly and Tangy 240ml
Sly and Tangy - Raspberries, rose hips, and hibiscus! Sweet and fruity with cheese, for chicken, turkey, ham, salad dressings, all with or without sandwich.

Horse Kick - Bucking Hot Horse Radish 240ml
Horseradish - With a nice fresh kick of ginger, this mustard is great with meats in particularly beef & beef sandwiches or red beets, cheese and so much more.

Old Badger - A European Classic 240ml
German Style Mustard - Traditional flavour with typical spices. Great with bratwurst, hot dogs, hamburgers, in potato salad, sandwiches, etc, mixed with mayo for a Dijonaise.


Exclusive Mustard Wooden Gift Box - 6x Mustards

SKU: Wooden_Gift_Box_3.4kg
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