Wildcraft Organic brings you the healthy way of replacing your Table Salt with our premium handcrafted Fine Grind Himalayan Salt shakers, infused with Organic herbs & spices that are sure to delight your tastebuds. 


- Call of the Loon 
For the fresh, lemony taste! Really great with chicken, fish, salad dressings and baking and delightful on Popcorn. 


All salts are between 15-20% Herbs to 80 -85% Himalayan Salt - Naturally Fine. 
Each adjustable shaker weights 180g - Packaging made in Germany 


No MSG, additives, preservatives, gluten or lactose. 


Facts about Himalayan Salt
- Full of minerals and trace elements
- Cleanses the body
- Helps with Skin problems
- Helps Digestive System
- Could help Bone Density
- Prevents Muscle Cramps
- Improves Energy Levels

Call Of The Loon Mix | Fine Grind

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