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We Are Diana & Christiane 

And we cut the mustard!

Growing up in families where wholesome, natural organic food was the centre of attention. Between the two of us we have a hundred years of experience in organic farming and food manufacturing. Throughout our lives, eating healthy, delicious food became more and more important. We strive for a sustainable lifestyle and try to leave very small footprints behind for our future generations to come. Our certified, commercial kitchen is powered by renewable energy from the sun, in-midst the beautiful nature of British Columbia, Canada. 

We started making handcrafted mustard in 2014 as there were no organic, unique tasting mustards available on the market. Our commitment is to produce the best tasting mustard and we achieve that by using only the best ingredients available, as locally sourced as possible. Making quality mustard in small batches is a very hands-on manufacturing process. Grinding, mixing, fermenting, tasting and filling, every jar of mustard contains a bit off our soulful energy. The end product is traditionally raw and fermented, therefore very healthy for you, yet full of incredibly delicious flavours. 

We now invite you to experience and explore the unique flavours of WildCraft Mustards, characterized and inspired by typical Cariboo wildlife, landscapes, and lifestyle. We believe Mustard has a place in almost every dish so we’re here to introduce you to a whole new outlook on what mustard is and how it can be used in everyday cooking to change your life for the better! 

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